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Made to Order

My mom's always complaining that I've never offered to make dinner. Whatever. I made mushroom risotto and it turned out pretty good for the first go around at home. I hadn't made risotto since I was back at school several months ago. I think I won the parental units over since they ate a second serving. I win!

It's lucky my risotto turned out all right since I lost my recipe packet/notes from the culinary section, so I had to figure out the risotto from a Food Network recipe. I'm hoping it will turn up so I don't have to bother someone to get another copy. Curses!

My aunt ordered an apple pie last Saturday and it didn't turn out as pretty as I would have liked. It was a little too caramelized on the crust (code word for caramelized is slightly burnt looking in some areas) so I wanted to give her a discount. If I'm not happy with how it turns out, I'm willing to bend my prices. She didn't care and ended up paying the original amount.

My dad's co-worker inquired about making a dessert for his son and he decided on Tiramisu, so I'm really hoping my very expensive gelatin sheets I ordered show up like yesterday. Whoo for a new customer!

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