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Fall TV is here again!

Since I haven't posted in forever, here's the short story.

I had a bakery job for about four months until the owner ran the business into the ground. The last month we were there was pretty bad and I almost thought about quitting. I really cared about the people I worked with though. Now, I have to find a new job. Blah. Filed for unemployment. Double blah. I'm not even sure what's going on with that. I just know that I hate it.

Cody had surgery on his left dew claw on August 31. They supposedly had removed it when he was six months old but it started to have some weird re-growth underneath his skin. Luckily, we didn't have to pay for the surgery since it was the Vet's doing. He's almost back to normal. Poor thing had to wear the cone of shame for a little bit.

Fall TV Line UpCollapse )

I wanted to try some other shows but I decided to save myself in the long run. They look like cancellations waiting to happen.

I joined the dark side

I joined Facebook two days ago since my culinary school classmate begged me too. She didn't like sending me picture texts of all her creations. Totally weirds me out seeing old high school classmates getting married and having kids. I'm so used to being on Livejournal because no one knows who I am. I liked being anonymous. Not really sure if I want to friend people I knew 10 years ago. Oh my god, I feel old.

Since I jumped on the Facebook wagon, it kind of makes me want to join Twitter. Twitter seems more up my alley but I'm not that social. I might not even use it.

Made more Peanut Brittle since we're going to someone's house tomorrow. I think I'm addicted to making Peanut Brittle. Gah. So easy to make.

I'm not even a Gleek and I had fun watching everyone's reaction to the Klaine kiss heard 'round the world. Good stuffs.

Don't cry over spilt coffee

I tried the Tiramisu I made last night and I'm really not a fan. The store bought ladyfingers were so saturated with coffee that it leeched a bunch of liquid out. I'm so disappointed. I'm going to offer the customer a replacement dessert if it comes to that. Just ugh.

I have since discovered that my Droid 2 takes awesome pictures, but it's a hassle trying to transfer them from my phone to my computer.

On a lighter note, I took a picture of Cody chewing on a moo tube to enter him into a contest so I hope we win. Here's my Puggle!

Sharing is caring.

For my cousin's 14th birthday present, I made Peanut Brittle.

Just cause I found the recipe around the house, I made Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.

For a customer, I made Tiramisu.

Made to Order

My mom's always complaining that I've never offered to make dinner. Whatever. I made mushroom risotto and it turned out pretty good for the first go around at home. I hadn't made risotto since I was back at school several months ago. I think I won the parental units over since they ate a second serving. I win!

It's lucky my risotto turned out all right since I lost my recipe packet/notes from the culinary section, so I had to figure out the risotto from a Food Network recipe. I'm hoping it will turn up so I don't have to bother someone to get another copy. Curses!

My aunt ordered an apple pie last Saturday and it didn't turn out as pretty as I would have liked. It was a little too caramelized on the crust (code word for caramelized is slightly burnt looking in some areas) so I wanted to give her a discount. If I'm not happy with how it turns out, I'm willing to bend my prices. She didn't care and ended up paying the original amount.

My dad's co-worker inquired about making a dessert for his son and he decided on Tiramisu, so I'm really hoping my very expensive gelatin sheets I ordered show up like yesterday. Whoo for a new customer!

Where's my fairy godmother?

I should have done my homework or something before I decided to try it. Why does Philosophy's Hope in a Jar smell so weird? I seriously want to take another shower after the one I just had to get rid of this smell. It just permeates everything.

Seriously, this stuff better be awesome because I'm not even sure I want to finish the jar I bought. It's so medicinal smelling and not in a good way. I know that scented stuff is not actually good for you but now, I'm starting to think there's a reason for it. Part of me just wants to mix it with something that would smell good but I feel like I might be setting myself up and make it worse.

My culinary school graduation is Saturday, March 26, and I found out that my dad's not even going to be here even though I told him. Typical. It's just as well since I've been feeling indifferent about it. A couple of months ago I would have been so excited but without a job, it's not as fun to show up to any function that may require schmoozing/small talk.

With no job prospects out there, dad says I should look into starting a small business from the house. I don't really know how I feel about it. It just goes to show that your trajectory is never exactly as you plan. The economy just kills right now.

Interesting factoid of the day: I sold two dozen carrot cake cupcakes to a neighbor and one of my cupcakes made it into the hands of the NBA coach for the Golden State Warriors. Things that make you go, huh?

Hit the road, Jack

I got hired at this Pastry Cafe/Taco Lounge on Friday within five minutes of meeting the owner. Said owner and his wife left for the weekend and spent a total of maybe 10 minutes in their presence.

I busted my ass for three days by busing tables, serving food, making endless pots of coffee, folded utensils into napkins, filling water glasses, getting ice, folding boxes, etc. I did EVERYTHING.

I had two days off and I was about to start my shift at 7:00 a.m. today when the owner said, "We no longer need you. You didn't make the cut." The worst part was he made the hand gesture across his neck to say, "You're dead" or whatever you want to call it. Needless to say, I'm super annoyed at how it all went down and the fact that these people treat their customers nicer than their employees.

I want to say that I was grateful but I can't be. I just hope that if I ever own a business that I NEVER end up like that.

I guess the more I thought about it, I really hated the job but making some money far outweighed anything else.


I got my first paying customer! To make a long story short, I ended up making carrot cake cupcakes for my sister to bring to work and ended up with some leftovers. I brought some to a couple of neighbors and one particular neighbor liked them so much that she wanted to buy two dozen. It wasn't the best time to get an order with the Superbowl on Sunday, but it worked out in the end.

We had our annual Superbowl party on Sunday. With any event nowadays, I'm becoming more ambitious with my baking skills. I made homemade pizzas. I kind of forgot how involved the pizza process was when I did it at school. It took three days just for the dough to get ready not to mention getting all the toppings. I ended up making six pizzas: Margherita (mozzarella cheese, basil and marinara sauce), plain cheese, my concoction of zucchini, gruyere cheese, mushrooms and black forest ham; and mushroom and Italian sausage. It ended up being a really good appetizer. I decided to use the leftover carrot cake cupcakes for dessert and made homemade Peanut Brittle. I couldn't make enough desserts so mom had to buy a chocolate cake and fruit torte from Safeway.

Yesterday, I went to my dad's co-workers house and made pizzas with his wife and three little boys. I made a double batch of pizza dough and couldn't possibly eat them all. I was hoping it was going to be easy on her. It was my good mom deed of the day.

It's not over until the chef sings

I had the final of all finals for culinary school on December 8th. As usual, I showed up with about four and half hours to spare. I should have gone sooner but I'll let bygones be bygones.

What I had to make:

- Apple Pie
- Baguettes (4)
- Challah Bread (2)
- Chocolate Bombes filled with toasted hazelnuts inside, whip cream "glaze" and chocolate decoration on a plate
- Croissants (12 plain, 12 chocolate and optional: ham and cheese)
- Lemon Tart
- Macaronade with a chocolate decoration (large - 8 inch) and 3 mini versions (3 inch versions)
- Saved chocolate confections from a previous section (Dark chocolate Truffles, Caramelized hazelnuts dipped in dark chocolate, Milk chocolate Almond Rochers, Orange Creams, Dark chocolate Cobblestones with dried fruit and nuts, Toffee dipped in dark chocolate, Dark chocolate filled with chocolate ganache and Caramels dipped in dark chocolate)

If you want to see what some of my food and what my classmates did, there is a photo album on the PCI Facebook page. My food are photos 6 (eclairs), 12 (swirly chocolate decoration on whip cream), 13 (aerial view of my chocolate bombe), 14 (aerial view of my chocolate spiral on top of my Macaronade), 15 (mini Macaronades), 23 (croissant display) and 24 (see a picture of me holding my Macaronade with my spiral chocolate decoration).

We had the banquet room all set up with five individual tables decorated with our food and flowers/mini Christmas trees. All of our friends and family were invited to eat and take food home in their take out boxes. It was absolutely crazy and insane with more dishes to wash than ever before. It was the most tiring and rewarding experience to go to the Professional Culinary Institute. I have missed baking three nights a week and learning from Chef Sam. I miss the camaraderie I shared with the four other girls in my class. The next time I see them all again (maybe) is our graduation in spring 2011.

I am so over it

I went through a Buffet Pastry final from HELL. Normally, we're suppose to clean and leave the kitchen by 11:00 p.m. at the latest and we didn't leave until midnight. We had to create a platter with everything we had made over two weeks, give or take, and it was a nightmare trying to finish. We had to have 12 components but there was 13. Not to mention the plain and ham and cheese croissants that we had made the day before but chef had to bake for us.

- Chocolate Macarons with chocolate mousse, Lemon Macarons with lemon curd mousse and Raspberry Macarons with raspberry mousse

- Chocolate Containers - chocolate cups with a little circle of chiffon cake at the bottom, piped with some chocolate mousse, dollop of whip cream and a chocolate decoration

- Napoleons - three crunchy layers of puff pastry with a layer of rum flavored pastry cream in between two topped with a layer of fondant icing swirled with chocolate for a marbled design

- Eclairs filled with a diplomat cream (pastry cream and whip cream) with drizzle of coffee fondant icing; Paris Brest filled with a hazelnut, pastry cream and whip cream filling topped with coffee fondant icing and chopped caramelized hazelnuts; and Swans filled whip cream

- Pear Almond tarts - short dough crusts filled with sliced pears and almond filling, a layer of pastry cream and a bruleed sugar top

- Lemon tarts made in two different sizes - short dough crust filled with lemon curd, dipped in cold mirror glaze and a meringue topping

- Pineapple Passion fruit cups - diced rum soaked pineapple layered with tiny baba savarin biscuit, passion fruit mousse and topped with a passion fruit glaze

- Apple Strudel - puff pastry encased with a layer of chiffon cake and cinnamon sugar apples

I hope I never have to do this again.