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I am so over it

I went through a Buffet Pastry final from HELL. Normally, we're suppose to clean and leave the kitchen by 11:00 p.m. at the latest and we didn't leave until midnight. We had to create a platter with everything we had made over two weeks, give or take, and it was a nightmare trying to finish. We had to have 12 components but there was 13. Not to mention the plain and ham and cheese croissants that we had made the day before but chef had to bake for us.

- Chocolate Macarons with chocolate mousse, Lemon Macarons with lemon curd mousse and Raspberry Macarons with raspberry mousse

- Chocolate Containers - chocolate cups with a little circle of chiffon cake at the bottom, piped with some chocolate mousse, dollop of whip cream and a chocolate decoration

- Napoleons - three crunchy layers of puff pastry with a layer of rum flavored pastry cream in between two topped with a layer of fondant icing swirled with chocolate for a marbled design

- Eclairs filled with a diplomat cream (pastry cream and whip cream) with drizzle of coffee fondant icing; Paris Brest filled with a hazelnut, pastry cream and whip cream filling topped with coffee fondant icing and chopped caramelized hazelnuts; and Swans filled whip cream

- Pear Almond tarts - short dough crusts filled with sliced pears and almond filling, a layer of pastry cream and a bruleed sugar top

- Lemon tarts made in two different sizes - short dough crust filled with lemon curd, dipped in cold mirror glaze and a meringue topping

- Pineapple Passion fruit cups - diced rum soaked pineapple layered with tiny baba savarin biscuit, passion fruit mousse and topped with a passion fruit glaze

- Apple Strudel - puff pastry encased with a layer of chiffon cake and cinnamon sugar apples

I hope I never have to do this again.

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